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Fresh Air Kayaking

Paddle beneath cliffs that plunge from the green forests of Fundy National Park into the Bay. Drift into the storm-carved sea caves and rest on one of Fundy’s hidden beaches. The Bay is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that showcases amazing rock formations. Whether you want a family-friendly package, or a wilder exploration of the Bay, your next adventure starts here.

“If you want to learn something about kayaking, the region and the people go to FreshAir. Espeically if you want to kayak in a small group!! We HIGHLY recommend this company!”

Great guides and awesome views!  You get to see the Bay of Fundy from a different perspective this way. I highly recommend it!” 

Awesome experience!  Enjoyed some family time kayaking with some experienced guides. We felt safe and well prepared. The guides are funny and great with all ages

Fundy National Park

"The views are breathtaking and it's definitely a place that everyone should visit at least once. We want to come back and plan a kayaking trip next time."

"There are hundreds of hiking paths some long some shorter and some quite adventurous for seasoned hikers. There's a salt water swimming pool and golf course and so much more. A must for anyone."

"What a beautiful park with beautiful facilities, they even have a pool!"

Molly Cool Centre

Events happen all summer long at the Molly Kool Center! Like the Songwriters Circle during the Rising Tide Festival and Friday night Molly Kool Kitchen Parties

Myrtle Kool, known to everyone as Molly, was born in Alma, New Brunswick, in 1916, to a Dutch sea captain, Paul Kool, and his wife. Her father built and operated a scow the "Jean K.", named after Molly's older sister. As she grew older, Molly loved spending time on her father's scow. A scow is a small ship which is used to transfer cargo back and forth between ships anchored out in the Bay and the shore. Paul Kool's scow operated in the waters around Alma, Point Wolfe, Moncton, and sometimes traveled as far away as Boston. Molly often spent her summers working with her father, learning about the sea, and gaining valuable experience.



The SENB Snowmobiler's Association has events all winter long!

The South Eastern New Brunswick Snowmobilers Association Inc. (SENBSA CLUB 20) was established in 1986.  SENBSA Club 20 is a volunteer organization located in the Caledonia Highlands and is funded mostly by its membership.  Starting in September, SENBSA holds a General Meeting on the first Monday of each month at the Hunters Room (7:00pm) which is in the basement of the former Riverview Kinsmen Centre now the Riverview Skate Park.  SENBSA CLUB 20 is always looking to welcome new members and volunteers to get the trails ready for the upcoming winter sledding season.



"Wonderful little spot. There's a faux ship that you can walk through and get views of the marshes and mudflats. "

"This is a lovely little spot that is a bit off the main road but well worth the stop.   If the tide is out it is a great place to see tidal mud flats characteristic of rivers feeding the Bay of Fundy."

"This place was amazing. It is definitely worth the visit. Our children loved this spot ! We went there twice while staying in Riverside-Albert."


"New Brunswick boasts many hidden gems and this is one of the many reasons it shouldn't be viewed as the "drive through" province. This sanctuary is one of them - beauty, peace and well worth a visit. We aren't birders ourselves, but found it fascinating. Those who ARE birders will be amazed. Breathe deeply, sigh quietly and enjoy. "

"This place is serene. It is incredibly beautiful and peaceful. Nothing but natural landscape. "

"There really is a mix of everything here. You have a marsh on the island, forest, sandy beach, rocky beach, muddy beach, river, wetlands."


"A walk along the lake on Grey Brook Marsh features an active fish ladder and dam along with a wide variety of wildlife. This prime hot spot is the first place to visit for bird watchers and those who wish to enjoy the tranquility of the countryside. The Bay of Fundy is a major migratory area for ducks, and they are easily spotted from the shore.

Hillsborough offers trails for all ages and showcases many natural, historic, and geological sights. Wildlife can be found all around these trails, but please observe animals from a respectable distance. There is an informative page on Facebook, the New Brunswick Birders, that showcases all the many species of birds that you may encounter in New Brunswick."



"If you are looking for a nice challenging course, give this one a try! The staff are all super friendly.  A great place to golf. You can expect the greens to be in pretty good shape and to have a great time out. "

"Beautiful greens and fairways. Extremely well maintained course."

"Absolutely gorgeous place for a game of golf. To top it all off back at the clubhouse you'll find super friendly staff and amazing eats!! You won't be disappointed!.  "



"There is a fascinating display of artifacts, including some old uniforms. The staff are very knowledgeable and more than willing to answer questions. "

"Don't miss this museum. It is filled with objects from the past and so many different trains. The children LOVED this place. We will visit again when we go back.."

"This is a fabulous hidden gem for those who love trains and would like to hear more about the history of trains in NB.  "



"If you like to learn something exciting about the past, then visit this lovely home of one of the founders of Canada and take your time."

"This is an opportunity to get to know one of the lesser-known Fathers of Confederation, William Henry Steeves, as well as more about how it was to live in the country in its early years."

"We loved our visit to this museum. The guided tour was most informative and the host very friendly. Nice collections throughout the house and amazing history. I recommend this for anyone passing through Hillsborough!"



"This little museum is well worth a visit. "

"The Museum was a real treat. A snapshot of a time gone by, great insight to the historic life of Cape Hopewell community and its notable citizens. "

"Delightful and educational look at a fascinating piece of NB history."


"Baymount Outdoor Adventures Kayak the rocks was an amazing experience! No experience was necessary as the guides were very knowledgeable and helpful. The views were stunning and I could not have imagined a better way to experience the change in tides! "

"Excellent kayaking - no experience required"

"Lifetime experience to be kayaking on the highest tides in the world."





"We shared meals, played in the playground, visited the stable horses, enjoyed sitting around a camp fire telling stories and roasting marshmallows into the late hours. We saw the moon come up over the tree line and watched it till it was straight overhead."

"The trails are excellent; because we were out for two hours, we got as far as the dikes on Shepody Bay. I have been to Broadleaf a few times before and always found the horses and the guides top-notch."



"I arrived at the viewpoint to find the view shrouded in mist.  As I stood there, the mist cleared to reveal the picturesque scene shown here, in its autumn colours."

"This is an amazing place to go hiking. We brought our children and they all had a blast. "

"Summer shows the foliage in full swing, and autumn shows the colours of the turning leaves in glory. Really beautiful."


"Worth the time to stop and take in a few km! Leave time to walk the suspension bridge. Walk as little or as far as you want. Lots of places to drive and check out the view if you aren’t up to hiking that day. The drive from the main roads to the trail is also very beautiful."

"There are so many treasures along the route waiting for you to discover. We LOVE it here and go back every year over and over again. You'll love it too"

"This is a beautiful site with many stops offering magnificent scenery, and in the summer, well equipped with toilets and picnic tables. Truly world-class."


"What a beautiful setting looking both ways along the Bay of Fundy coast. "

"Found 3 fossils in 2 hours. Very picturesque. Had heard a lot of good things about it but never went until this summer. Glad I did."

"My friend and I went cliff rappelling last Sat. And had a great time. The guys who rigged us up were very professional and reassuring and funny too."

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